Journeyman Plumber with Commercial Experience

Date Posted:12/13/2018

Location:Columbus, OH




Education requirement of a High School Diploma or a GED, formal training in the plumbing trade.


Prefer five (5) years of experience as a journeyperson of which two (2) years must have been working in commercial / industrial plumbing construction.


Possess minimum tools necessary to perform the task and duties of a Journeyman.  Such tools to include: torpedo level, 25’ tape measure, rigid copper mini cutters and cutter to 2” in diameter, channel locks, 3/8’ drive socket set, 6” and 8” crescent wrenches, 4 lb. sledge hammer, 10” cold chisel, framing hammer, 4-in1 screwdriver, 12” and 18” pipe wrench, plumb bob, hacksaw, mini-hacksaw, rain gear and cold weather protection.


General knowledge and skills in the plumbing / hydronic Heating trades and working in commercial / industrial construction.  The ability to supervise and manage a crew of journeypersons and apprentices working at customer locations.  Must be able to follow schedules as established by the Project Manager and customers, coordinate materials, labor and hours to complete the job project at or below the scheduled amount and to produce a quality product with no safety violations or accidents.

Must be physically capable and an energetic person who is capable of performing manual labor for an extended period of time.


Must be able to communicate verbally and in written English to interact with customers and employees, read reports and instructions.


The physical requirements are strenuous.  Body movements consist of walking, carrying, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists and fingers.  Will be required to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl.  Will load and unload material weighing up to 100 pounds.  The senses of being able to see and hear and have full power of speech are necessary. 


The physical requirements for this position are, at times rough and vigorous.  The job requires the Foreman to move about the site location which can be littered with new and old construction material.  To properly complete a project, the Foreman is REQUIRED to get into all areas of the project to assure management that the project is progressing as scheduled, and that all corporate quality standards and safety standards are being met.  During all phases the Foreman must inspect, observe and direct the trade employees and others in performing their tasks. 


Working Conditions:


The majority of the work of the Foreman will be performed outside in all weather conditions that can be hot, cold, humid, rainy, snowy, etc.


Will be required to drive a company vehicle on occasion.  And must maintain a driving record that is in good standing with the company’s insurance company.


Harsh, rigorous and at times rough conditions describe the conditions of commercial / industrial plumbing conditions. 



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