Our employees may be temporary to you, they are permanent to us!

We are a multi-skilled industrial and commercial staffing division serving clients and employees across the United States. We are an employee – centric company with a clear focus on client service and satisfaction.

Why We Are In Business

As a division of ULGCompanies,  a privately held company, our management and investor team have over 50 years of staffing and construction experience.  We are focused on growing our company organically, as well as continuing to add product lines to diversify our industry exposure and client base.  Our industry – leading temporary employee benefits plan, including 401K contribution, allows us to follow through on our philosophy that although our employees may be temporary to you, they are permanent to us.




Superintendents & Presindents

"The amount of effort your team does to ensure the that you are getting us the right candidates and matching their skill sets with our needs has been great!  The simple fact that I see a representative at my site weekly speaks volumes.  I feel extremely confident when I ask ULG to find us skilled labor and when I refer ULG to my Subcontractors and or colleagues."

"ULGSkilled Trades has always done an excellent job recruiting quality skilled tradesmen at the right time that allowed projects to be completed on time and under budget."

"I’m pleased with approach to addressing things that disrupt a company.  The willingness to discuss, brain storm and find a solution to the issue, make a decision and act on it.  In the situations we have had to deal with; I’m pleased with the outcome. Realizing how hard it is to find qualified help, I appreciate the perseverance.  Thank you for your help!"


When I first heard about ULG I was skeptical about what they could do for me. But after talking to Jake, ( he's my ULG handler) he was a great help. He walked me through the application process and gave me any and all information about my first job assignment. And after I started working for ULG he was available to me with any questions that I had. Then after the job ended I was only out of work for just a few days when he was able to get me into another employment opportunity. I have been lucky enough to be at my current job for 3 months now. 

ULG skilled trades has been awesome!!! Christina has went above and beyond to make sure that I have been taken care of... Further more they have contracts with top contractors here in Columbus Ohio and strive to be better everyday the support that Christina has given has been amazing I could never ask for a better rep... She stays on top of her end and if anything comes up on my end she moves heaven and Earth to resolve it before the close of the business day that day... I would recommend and skilled tradesmen to look here before going anywhere else I have worked for all of the top skilled trades companies out here and you won't find one better then ULG Skilled Trades here in Columbus... Thank you Christina and ULG you have found me my forever job and opened so many doors I thought closed I am forever grateful for everything you have done... Calling all skill tradesmen Christina has a job for you call the office and start working it's that simple.


“I can always count on ULG to keep me working, Greg and his team always take care of me!”

“ I have been working with ULG for 5 years off and on and I always come back. ULG has always taken care of me, there’s no other agencies out there that offer the same dedication as you!”

“ULG Skilled Trades has set the mark for Skilled Trades Staffing Companies. They always exceed our expectations with the quality of guys that we receive in a depleted workforce. ULG Skilled Trades is always our first call when we need additional help.”

“We are extremely happy with the caliber of guys that we have been receiving from ULG Skilled Trades. So happy that we have turned all of our temporary needs over to ULG. Their response time for everything we need is faster than anything we have ever seen before.”